Rude’ optical illusion ruins woman’s picture and friends are in stitches


One woman was left giggling as a simple photo of a cave came out far naughtier than expected. She shared the ‘X-rated’ illusion on Twitter as many others were also left laughing

A woman left her friends in stitches after sharing a picture she took of a cave – as everyone noticed the same rude optical illusion.

Twitter user Mairead, @Midge1415, thought the cave picture had a special something, with a huge ray of light stretching in from the rocky entrance.

But looking at it a second time, Mairead noticed something rather rude, and posted the image online saying ‘tell me it’s not just me who see’s it’.

Many of her 5,964 followers noticed the same thing, that the sunlight rather looked quite like a penis, and soon droves of people were commenting on the image as it went viral, racking up over 19,000 likes.

One replied: “Defo not just you.”

As another agreed: “It’s not just you Mairead. I worry about me too.”

A third meanwhile joked: “This is unsolicited please don’t send me more.”

While a fourth jokingly probed: “You’re talking about the face in the rock, right? RIGHT?”

Recently, a woman shared an optical illusion that left people baffled – although it was considerably less rude.

Adeline regularly posts “surprising, unusual and weird art” on her Tiktok account @mysweetadeline, but one of her most recent videos has caused a lot of confusion.

In the clip, Adeline shows what appears to be a drawing of an art gallery – but as she moves the camera the room appears to move.

The centre of the drawing which shows a painting on the far wall seems to sink into the table and as Adeline moves from left to right, you can see more of the work on the other walls.

She said this phenomenon is called “reverse perspective”.