Quality Street, Roses, Heroes and Celebrations ranked see which scored top


Celebrations are good for nut lovers, Quality Street for fudges, Heroes for Double Deckers and Roses for plain chocolates, according to research breaking down the contents of the nation’s favourites

Brits love to break out the chocolate tubs at Christmas – but research has found that some brands have a better mix of treats than others.

Few households will be without a tub of Celebrations, Heroes, Quality Street and Roses over the festive period.

But research by consumer experts Which? has found a very different mix of chocolates within these.

In short, Celebrations are good for nut lovers, Heroes for eclairs and Fudges, Heroes for Double Deckers and Creme Eggs, Quality Street for Fudges and Roses for plain chocolate and cremes.

Which? said Celebrations had the most nut chocolates, with an average of 12 Snickers per tub. There were also 12 MilkyWays, but only half as many Galaxy Caramel and Galaxy bars.

When it came to Mars bars there were 11 on average per box, eight Maltesers Teasers and eight Bountys – but only seven Twix bars.

Of all the chocolate boxes Which? included in its research, Celebrations has the least variety, containing only eight different types of chocolate.

With Cadbury’s Heroes, Which? found that the tub contained more Eclairs and Fudges than any other chocolate – averaging at nine each.

That was significantly more than Twirls or Wispas, which averaged just five each per tub.

A tub of Heroes also contained an average of eight Double Deckers and Creme Eggs and seven Crunchies, Dairy Milk and Dairy Milk Caramels.

Quality Street also had a wide range among its selection, with nine Pink Fudges on average, compared to only four Green Triangles and four Orange Crunches.

However, there were plenty of caramels, toffees and fruit cremes. Quality Street also has the most variety in its tub overall, with 11 different types of chocolate.

Meanwhile, Cadbury Roses were found by Which? researchers to be a good option for those who prefer plain chocolate, with an offering of nine Dairy Milks per tub.

Fudge and truffles on the other hand averaged only four each per tub.

Roses were a good option for caramel and fruit creme lovers though, as they came second after Dairy Milk with an average of eight in a tub.

These chocolate tubs come in a range of sizes, however Which? experts recommend going for a 600g or 650g tub which tend to offer better value for money.

Which? home products and services editor Lisa Barber said: “A box of chocolates on the sofa and a Christmas movie is a seasonal tradition for many across the UK, but you might find yourself fighting over your favourites if there just aren’t enough of them to go around.

“Whether you’re a fudge fan, a caramel connoisseur or just nuts about chocolate, Which? has found there is a selection box for everyone, so make sure you get the one best suited to the tastes of your household this Christmas.”